Stories of Immigrant Labor in Global Textile and Clothing Production edited by Nazanin Hedayat Munroe
The Evolution of an Identity: Tracing the Trajectory of Sindhi Arjak Across Borders
Forthcoming – Fall 2023


Seminar on ‘Textiles of Punjab’, Chandigarh
Mapping Missionary Influence of Domestic Crafts in Undivided Punjab
06 Aug 2022

Responsible Fashion Series | University of Antwerp, Belgium
Paper Presentation – The modern-day haat: Role of digital technology in shaping artisan-customer dynamics during the pandemic
15 Oct 2021

Futuring Craft | Indian Ocean Craft Triennial at Curtin University, Perth,  Australia
Paper Presentation – The Domestic Craft and the Artefact: Discovering Provenance, Exploring Interrelationships
18 Sept 2021

Design Culture (s) | Cumulus Roma 2021 at Sapienza University, Rome
Paper Presentation – Shifted Paradigms in Sustainable Fashion Design Education: Studying Implications & Effectiveness of Pedagogical Methods adopted in a Pandemic  Setting
9 June 2021

IFFTI 2020 at Kent State University, United States (Conference cancelled due to COVID-19)
Paper published in proceedings – ‘Untapped’: Exploring Craft Potential of Urban Women Through Technology Intervention
Aug 2020

Fashion Colloquia 2020 at Arch College of Design and Business, India
Paper published in proceedings – Tracing The Everyday: The Rubric of Slow Fashion
Jan 2020

International Conference on Sustainability Education (ICSE) at Indian Habitat Centre, New Delhi, India 
Paper Presentation – Teacher’s training for sustainable development in the context of design education
10 Sept 2019

LeNS World Distributed Conference at Srishti Institute of Technology, India 
Paper Presentation – Zero Waste: Exploring Alternatives Through Folding
3-5 April  2019


Mending and Making Conference, Endangered Material Knowlege Program and British Museum
Patched Stories on Indian Textiles
25 Jan 2023

Material Matters Conference, Fort Ticonderoga
The Sepoy and His Lota
21 Jan 2023

Memory in a Digital Age Conference, IIT Madras
Does the domestic demand to be archived? Explorations in memory of confined spaces and making
24 Aug 2022

Knitting History Forum Conference 2021: Heads, Hands & Feet
From jorab (socks) to dastana (gloves): Tracing provenance of Hand-knitting in the Indian Subcontinent
13 Nov 2021

Curation and Conservation: Dress and Textiles in Museums | Association of Dress Historians, Turin, Italy
Display of Indian Textiles: How Can a Sensorial Experience be Created for Better Viewer Engagement and Contextual Awareness
22 Oct 2021

TILT Conference, Nottingham Trent University (NTU), UK
Research Presentation – A Response to Teaching through a Pandemic: Building Systems to Support Learning Communities in Design Education Environments
14 Sept 2021

Fashion and Climate Change Symposium, Manchester Fashion Institute (MFI), UK 
Research Presentation – Reversing fashion systems: Studying how overproduction is responsible for overconsumption in the industry
10 Sept 2021

Pivot 2021 Virtual Conference – Dismantling Reassembling: Tools for alternative futures at OCAD University, Toronto
Paper Presentation – Recording Circular Loops of Use and Re-Use of Clothing and Textiles adopted by Indigenous Communities in India
23 July 2021

Patterns of Struggle and Solidarity Conference by Nottingham Trent University (NTU)’s Postcolonial Studies Center
Research Presentation – Imagery as a Tool for Cultural Activism: Analysing and Discussing Narratives around Sari, an Indian drape
18 June 2021

International Upcycling Symposium 2020 | Research and Practice, De Montfort University, UK
Research Presentation – Scaling up Upcycling: Studying challenges and suggesting solutions for its integration in the existing supply chain
4 Sept 2020


Crochet Workshop, Goa
Crochet Jewellery-making workshop for Artisanal upskilling
19-21 Sept 2022

Digital Multilogue at American University of Paris, France
Workshop – Between Active and Experiential
1 Oct 2021

University of Mauritius – Department of Engineering
Research Presentation – Reversing fashion systems
22 Sep 2021

AYA Workshop | DD Architects 
Talk – Colors from Nature
1 June 2021

Coventry University Virtual World Tour 2021
Embroidered Textiles as an Expression of Cultural Identity
Presentation co-presented with Saumya Pande & Gunjan Arora (IIAD, India)
26 April 2021

Dhaaga X Okhai 
Crochet Workshop for Artisan Training
Sept 2020

Five Million Incidents Project 
Workshop – Zero Waste Fashion Design
Goethe Institute/ Max Mueller Bhavan, New Delhi, India
21 Sept 2019


USTTAD Crochet of  Goa (Ministry of Textiles X NID)
Ethnographic fieldwork, research and documentation across the state of Goa
June-Sept 2022

Sustainability Research Consultant – Protocol and Framework Development
May-June 2022

Make a Mark – Community Couture X British Council
Zero Waste Design and Construction
Jan-Mar 2022

TYT Partners
Logo Design & Development for Digital & Print
Feb-Mar 2020

Chitranee Khanna
Capsule Collection Design, Development & Production – Range of 75 garments
Apr-Oct 2018

Design & Development for a few pieces, co-working with Saumya Pande
Apr-May 2017

Brochure Design & Development
Jan-Mar 2016

User Interface Design for App Development
July-Aug 2015


Fashion Colloquia 2020 at Arch College of Design and Business, India
Zero Waste Garment Design
Jan 2020

Centerstage, Hong Kong
Fold Zero – A Zero Waste Collection
4-8 Sept 2019

Local Projects Challenge at Columbia University’s Digital Gallery as part of UN Habitat Urban Thinkers Campus
Project Untapped
Nov 2019


a place called home
Gulmohur Quarterly Issue 01
March 2021

A Circular Yarn
Fashion Revolution Fanzine issue 004 Fashion Craft Revolution
April 2019

Being Katharine Hepburn
Fashion Revolution Blog
April 2019

Articles on Medium


Between Pleats – Najrin Islam (Oct 2020)
Goeth Institut – Five Million Incidents Project (2019)
Redress Design Award annual magazine (2019)
Redress Design Award annual magazine (2018)


Dundeed Competition 2019 Top 5 – Project Untapped
Design Principles & Practices 2020 – Emerging Scholar Award
Redress Design Award Semi-Finalist 2019
DLF Emporio Awards Finalist 2018-19
Redress Design Award Semi-Finalist 2018
Live Protege Finalist 2015